Livro: Identification and Enrichment Programs for Gifted Students



Fernanda Hellen Ribeiro Piske

Tania Stoltz

Alberto Rocha

Cristina Costa-Lobo

Miguelina M. Nuñez

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1. Identification and Assessment of Gifted Students

Steven I. Pfeiffer


2. Identification: Multidimensional Measures Based on the Munich Model of Giftedness

Kurt A. Heller


3. Complexity in Identifying Gifted Students as Observed by Edgar Morin

Fernanda Hellen Ribeiro Piske & Ettiène Guérios


4. Development of Thought in Vygotsky and Rudolf Steiner: A Challenge to Accommodating the Highly Gifted

Tania Stoltz, Ulrich Weger & Marcelo da Veiga


5. Developing Talent and Creativity through Four Levels of Differentiated Programing

Todd Kettler, Kristen N. Lamb & Lindsay Ellis Lee


6. Teacher Perceptions Regarding Creativity Work in a US Summer Program for Gifted Students

Fernanda Hellen Ribeiro Piske & Tania Stoltz


7. Special Education Programs for Gifted Students

Andrew Almazán Anaya


8. Gifted Programming: Bridging Education with Universities

Hasan Said Tortop


9. Enrichment in ANEIS Porto: Educational Intervention Proposal on Intellectual Giftedness and Talent

Alberto Rocha, Helena Fonseca, Ana. I. S. Almeida, Catarina Figueiredo, Natanael Matos


10. The Importance of Enrichment Programs in Promoting Inclusion, Equity, and Equal Opportunities for Gifted Children

Filomena Ponte & Ângela Rodrigues


11. Affectivity of Exceptionally Capable Learners: From Identification to Psychopedagogical Intervention

Fernanda Hellen Ribeiro Piske, Tania Stoltz, Ettiène Guérios & Cristina Costa-Lobo


12. The Mystery of Talent and the Secrets of Education

Zenita Guenther




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