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Conversa com a Doutora Joanna Haase

Gifted Education in the United States  (Texto em Inglês e Português).  Click here!  See the video with Dr. Joanna Haase     Dr. Haase talks about the importance of teacher training to understand twice-exceptional. She considers that it is something challenging and complex to work with students with twice-exceptional, for this reason, it is essential that teachers are able to identify the characteristics of these students and carry out appropriate services for these chidren. Regarding Gifted Education , Dr. Haase points out that gifted students are often described as having a passion to learn, and will often derive great benefit from pursuing independent learning and having alternative assignments. Teachers will often restrict gifted students from doing these assignments, based on either a fear that the teacher will risk his or her own career if they fail to complete the state standards in a rigid manner, or the belief that gifted students will not be able to understand the mat