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Autistic and gifted children prefer to be alone?

  Autistic and gifted children prefer to be alone and don't like having friends?   It is a mistake to think that people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or gifted people do not like having friends. Both autistic and gifted people can make friends and have healthy social ties. They can have friends and express their feelings towards people.   According to Crompton et. al (2020) many autistic people are motivated to have close friends, relationships and family ties, despite the clinical characterization of autism as a condition that negatively affects social interaction.   There are cases of autistic people who have difficulties in social skills, this fact can make their interpersonal relationship difficult, however, this does not mean that they do not like having friends (Foley-Nicpon, & Assouline, 2020).   Sometimes their way of making friends can express shyness, but this can be due to the inability to communicate their desire for relationships in the same way as other people.