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Artigo sobre a importância da criatividade no ensino

English article: Working with Creativity of Gifted Students through Ludic Teaching. Artigo: Trabalhando com a Criatividade de estudantes Superdotados por meio do Ensino Lúdico. Read here! click !   Leia aqui! Clique!   Abstract: Educational practices that develop creativity depend on good teacher training. Teachers should be able to value the potential of their students. Teacher can promote a work with creative educational practices for this which it is necessary to develop in their students the ability to think in terms of possibility to explore various consequences and suggest changes and improvements to their own ideas. Teacher is a facilitator of the teaching-learning process and encourages the interests of their students. He/she should respect their feelings and emotions, allowing that each student has the freedom to express themselves in class in a positive emotional climate. Teacher should respect his/her students in accordance with their needs. Needs can be cogni