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Dupla-Excepcionalidade - Twice-exceptional

  Dr. Dan Peters, one of the most important specialists in the world, talks about twice-exceptional!   (Veja tradução em português abaixo).    It is impossible not to fall in love with Dr. Dan Peters' efficient work!   Click here to see the video! Dan Peters is the executive director of the important Summit Center, which advises on special educational needs. Dan Peters says that “a twice-exceptional child can be a challenge for school and families. It is necessary to understand the myths that are related to the education of the twice-exceptional child. For example, if the child is autistic and gifted at the same time, he/she may present social difficulties, among other traits of the autism spectrum disorder, but this same child may have above average or superior  skills in some specific areas. this fact can confuse many teachers and families ”. The author emphasizes that "in order to effectively assist a twice-exceptional child, it is important to highlight th