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Bullying na Educação de Superdotados

  BULLYING IN GIFTED EDUCATION (Texto em inglês e traduzido para português logo a seguir).  Dr. Groman has sent me an important video about Bullying in Gifted Education.    Click here to see the video!  Dr. Jennifer Groman TEXT ABOUT THE VIDEO OF DR. GROMAN:   Jennifer Groman’s Giftedness and Bullying video script.   Thanks for letting me chat with you a little bit about bullying and gifted students today. Gifted students are not more or less likely to be victimized than other students, but their characteristics and ways of interacting with the world may make their experience more complex, but those also give us – teachers, counselors, and administrators – specific things to look for. Also, while we often see gifted students as victims – weak or social awkward – they can also be very effective bullies themselves. Bullying in children is based on differences, so our exceptional populations of students are likely to be targeted by a bully – gifted populations are about as l