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Como desenvolver a criatividade?

Texto em inglês e Português (Veja tradução abaixo).  Video about a talk with Otto Schmidt! Click here to see the video! Follow me! My instagram: fheller2904! Creativity in Education. Otto Schmidt, an educator from Toronto, Canada has done extensive work in the area of Creativity. He contributed a chapter, entitled: Creative ways to develop creativity in gifted students, to my book: “Socio-Emotional Development and Creativity of Gifted Students” (Piske et al. 2020).   (See me book at the end of this post).     Schmidt explains that one of the best and easiest definitions of creativity for people to use is taking the ordinary and doing something unordinary with it. This is something anyone can do if motivated to “stir the creative juices.” This definition encourages people to think more beyond the common and more deeply when engaged in ordinary tasks. The mind loves a challenge.   According to Schmidt, another more challenging and highly valuable way to improve personal creativity