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Gifted Education in Canada

Gifted Students in Canada Clique aqui! Click here! (Tradução logo abaixo) Concerning programs for gifted students, Otto Schmidt affirms: Gifted students are all over the place. Every country has them. Everybody has them with different degrees of giftedness and styles of learning. The biggest problem in educating them is consistency. In Ontario, Canada, we have many different school boards and districts. Each one controls its own gifted education and may or may not have specialized teachers in the field. So serious problems arise. Highly populated areas, where there might be universities or colleges, will more than likely have a highly educated, intelligent population. There will almost naturally be more gifted students from gifted parents. If limits are put on sizes of gifted programs, selection criteria will then be very high. If students are being educated in a smaller city, town or village, the school boards cover a larger territory. In their smaller schools, they are more likel