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Livro: Identification and Enrichment Programs for Gifted Students

LIVRO: IDENTIFICATION AND ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS FOR GIFTED STUDENTS Organizadores: Fernanda Hellen Ribeiro Piske Tania Stoltz Alberto Rocha Cristina Costa-Lobo Miguelina M. Nuñez Compre aqui!  Veja os capítulos!   1. Identification and Assessment of Gifted Students Steven I. Pfeiffer   2. Identification: Multidimensional Measures Based on the Munich Model of Giftedness Kurt A. Heller   3. Complexity in Identifying Gifted Students as Observed by Edgar Morin Fernanda Hellen Ribeiro Piske & Ettiène Guérios   4. Development of Thought in Vygotsky and Rudolf Steiner: A Challenge to Accommodating the Highly Gifted Tania Stoltz, Ulrich Weger & Marcelo da Veiga   5. Developing Talent and Creativity through Four Levels of Differentiated Programing Todd Kettler, Kristen N. Lamb & Lindsay Ellis Lee   6. Teacher Perceptions Regarding Creativity Work in a US Summer Program for Gifted Students Fernanda Hellen Ribeiro Piske & Tania Stoltz   7. Special Education Programs